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A Place For Childhood
I believe, as a childcare provider if you ever get to a point when you think you know everything there is to know about children and childcare and
owning/running a business then you will never get any better. I believe you should always continue to educate yourself and then you will always continue to get better.
I am a member of the Arlington Area Childcare Provider Support Group which meets monthly for training in subjects that pertain to childcare and the childcare business.
I join the Texas Professional Home Child Care Association annually, in which I attend conference training each year.
I stay current in my CPR, First Aid, S.I.D.S., Early Brain Development, and Shaken Baby Syndrome trainings. I am also a member of a USDA Childcare Food Program.
I attend annual training that teaches me about nutrition, that helps to ensure that your child is being served nutritious meals
and snacks.
The childcare food program sponsor visits my childcare home every few month's with announced and unannounced visits to watch a meal being served.
I am required 20 hours of training annually in which I usually exceed.
Christ Lives
Arlington, Texas
Arlington, Texas, Donna's Day Care is a professional provider of home child day care service. Donna provides professional home child day care for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years old. Donna provides child care for families in Arlington, Kennedale, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, and East Fort Worth, Texas. Contact Donna's home day care today at 817-274-2199
My Qualifications
Continues Education
In addition to the training received through our organization. I have attended annual child care conferences, college classes and other raining seminars in an effort to provide high quality care to my clients. I also have degrees and advanced training in child development.
I am registered by the State Of Texas. I am also CPR and First Aid Certified.
I have been in business caring for children since 1980 and take pride in the services that I offer in my home.
Educational Curriculums
Where are the 3r's in family day care? Everywhere! The Day Care Home is a human-sized institution full of learning opportunities.
Early childhood is a time of great intellectual growth. Studies now show that young children learn the most through self directed play. A child's games often teach many lessons at once. Home child care providers
have learned how to foster a variety of play experiences to encourage the children's learning.
In addition, I also offer a formal half or full-day preschool program. Ask me about my daily schedule to see what kind of curriculum I offer. Remember that many early learning opportunities (both academic and life skills) are fostered in a quality child care home.
I've been running a daycare business since August 15, 1980. I have got to say, I still feel young at heart. I wanted to be a stay home mom with my 2 boys. Both my boys are now 33 and 35 years old...and now, I have 2 grandchildren 9 and 11 years old. I am so very fortunate that my Grandchildren also attend my daycare.

I love doing what I do for so many reasons...I think I need the children's love as much as they need the TLC. I would like to think I do the things that you would do with your children.