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Arlington, Texas, Donna's Day Care is a professional provider of home child day care service. Donna provides professional home child day care for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years old. Donna provides child care for families in Arlington, Kennedale, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, and East Fort Worth, Texas. Contact Donna's home day care today at 817-274-2199
Real Testimonies From A Few Of My Families
By: Richard & Julie Machuca
"Megan has been so happy at Donna's Day Care. She was at another babysitter and would come home completelymiserable and cranky. She is happy and smiling when we pick her up now. Donna provides structure to her day so that each day is predictable and Megan doesn't get stressed. We are able to drop in at any time and never have to worry about what we will find. Donna communicates with us and we feel like we are on a team when it comes to raising Megan".
By: Patti & Brandon
"My name is Patti and my son Brandon have been with Donna's Day Care from the time he was 3 months until he was four years old.I am
truly blessed to have come across Donna when I did. I visited her home was amazed at the homey atmosphere and the way the children love Donna like a second mom. Donna is a caring compassionate person who wants to give your child the love and attention that you can not give them while you are away at work. I was excited to see all the fun learning activities that she did with the kids and how she enjoys every moment watching them grow. I was able to put my son into Donna's home when he was about 3 months old and it was great to have the piece of mind to know that my son was being cared for the way I would want him to be when I was not around. Brandon has wonderful memories of the fun he had with Donna and all the friends he made during that time. To this day we are still in touch with a few of the other parents and children of our extended family from Donna's Day Care. My son is now 13 and we still will drop by and visit Donna as often as we can because of the special bond she has with the both of us".
By: Eric & Melissa Unger
"Our daughter, Sydney, has been in Donna's care since she was 6 weeks old. She gets lots of personal attention and is treated like Donna's own child. Donna keeps her place of business (her home) very clean and tidy. We are kept well informed of all the activities she participates in each day. We really couldn't be happier with our choice in day care".
By: D. Compton
"My wife and I welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl, into the world in March of this year. By the summer, given both of our hectic schedules, we knew that we would need daycare beginning in August. After a summer full of interviewing, monitoring, and searching we came upon Donna's Daycare. After an initial meeting, and verification of her credentials, I spent the last four weeks of the summer visiting Donna's Daycare. The intent was not only to allow my daughter to get used to Donna, but for my wife and I to accurately assess the new environment that our daughter would be placed in. I came by unannounced on various different days to get a true feel for the environment that my daughter would be in and found a welcome environment, friendly, and happy environment for both myself and all the children there.
During my time visiting, I quickly realized this was the daycare for us. Not only does Donna provide affordable daycare from her home...a cleaner, more sanitary environment than I saw in most daycare centers, but she provides true genuine love and compassion for the children she cares for - an aspect that I did not encounter in any other daycare facility.
Donna is alert and observant of all her kids and will freely talk about their little quirks and idiosyncrasies. Donna knows the children she cares for as well as her own grandchildren and loves them all equally. More importantly my daughter loves her very much and is very excited to see her in the morning when she's awakes and I feel totally at ease when I pull out of her driveway, knowing that my precious little girl is in great hands".
By: Wilson
"When I first decided to put my daughter in Daycare I was really nervous. I have one daughter that is a year old. I saw Donna's Day Care had 5 stars I went on a tour and loved the environment. The next week my daughter started and I couldn't imagine a better place to send my child. Donna's Day Care is a fun and loving place to send your kids".
By: Marie Hamilton
"I love Ms. Donna's Day Care. Ms. Donna took care of my twins from the time they were 2 months until they were 3 years old. Being that I was a first time parent and about to have twins, I was very nervous about going back to work. My husband and I visited Ms. Donna several times before I had the babies and it reassured us that we would be leaving them in loving, caring and very capable hands. She encouraged me to stop in anytime during the day to ease my nerves and I appreciated this very much. As the boys got older they expressed how much they loved Ms. Donna and how much fun they had at daycare. Ms. Donna is like family to us. I was very blessed to have found her".
By: Jennifer
"I was very nervous about leaving my daughter at a nursery but Donna calmed all my fears. She not only welcomed my then barely 3 month old daughter into her home, she welcomed both of us into her family.
Her loving care has helped my daughter to become a happy and secure 8-month old infant. Every day she has a big smile on her face when we walk through the door and I can leave knowing that she is with someone who will never ignore her cries or leave her in the play pen all day. I appreciate how dependably she has followed the specific dietary and medicinal routines requested of her when my daughter has had allergies or reflux.

I want to also mention how considerate she is of my feelings as well. She waits for me to notice those special milestones that a young infant reaches like rocking on her knees, clapping her hands and pulling up before mentioning them herself".